5 Questions with Bess Kiernan

Jun 23, 2020 | Children, Community, Videos

Green Acre is a Bahá’í Center of Learning located in Eliot, Maine. As part of Green Acre’s administrative team, I do my best to contribute to Green Acre’s mission to uphold the principles of unity, justice and resilience. As families are wrapping up the school year, and getting ready for a different sort of summer than they planned, I sat down for 5 Questions with Bess Kiernan, Guidance Counselor at Eliot Elementary School. We talked about resilience, how best to communicate with your kids during trying times, and how to center yourself when things don’t go as planned.

Frank G. Robinson, Jr.
Operations Manager
Green Acre: A Bahá’í Center
of Learning

Bess Kiernan
Guidance Counselor
Eliot Elementary School